This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

By Eli Wilansky

To the family of Nosson Nota Deitsch OBM

He was a near and dear friend of mine from Camp Gan Israel-Montreal and someone who I've shared many memories with. Nosson was such an admirable Bochur who always carried a smile on his face and was known for inspiring everyone around him. Being that I am on Shlichus in FL , I was blessed to spend time with Nosson while he was here as well. He recently signed up for the Aleph Institute and he chose to spend his purim visiting Jewish people at the prisons in Florida. I was Zoche to be with him this past Purim when he had stopped by for a quick bite. He spent the Shabbos at a Chabad House nearby, where, I was told he did such a phenomenal job that they even asked him to come and help out for the upcoming Holiday of
Nosson- We love you and will miss you, your great personality and your positive attitude on
everything is still pierced in our hearts.........BD"E

Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.

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  1. beautifully written article! it really sounds like Nosson touched a lot of people!