This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I love you too much!

By Yossi Deitsch - AZ

I really love Nosson very much. I always thought about how fun his wedding would be. I thought it would be really fun because he is always filled with chayus. I always used to play baseball with him. I could just imagine Nosson's face if I just think about him. But I know that whatever hashem does is for the good. Also when I was learning a sicha on Parshas Bichukasie, it says that when something not so good happens we should be filled with happiness. So we gave examples like when a father (hashem) scrubs a Childs head (bnay yisreal) and it hurts, the child should know that the father is being nice to him by cleaning his head. And I am very sad but I know that Nosson is still alive to me because he was the one who inspired me to learn as much Tanya, chumash, and to learn mishnayos, as much as possible. So as long as I know that I did what Nosson inspired me to do I feel like he is with me for whatever I do. Nosson was and still is very close to me. He is my youngest uncle that I love very much. I feel like the world was turned upside down when I heard the news. I feel and know that hashem knows what he is doing and I will not argue. But I still don't understand why this happened. When Nosson used to play with me he always used to compliment me and that is how I became good at baseball, not because I am good but because Nosson always said with a smile, "nice try" or "wow that was a good one". I love Nosson with all my heart. I can't really write a lot it would be easier to tell it. Nosson was the kind of uncle who was able to be with me knowing my limits. I think about Nosson all the time. I know that Nosson knew the whole tanya ball peh and want to be like him.


  1. beautifully said ,Yossi you have the right role model to follow .

  2. Yossi so well written, hard to believe you are only 10