This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Monday, May 10, 2010


By Dovber Chaiton

It was like many of the unwritten rules of Yeshivas Chabad Qiryat Gat, the Mikva closed at 2:30 PM on a Friday afternoon. We were well aware that Shabbos started at 7:30, but rules are rules.
The ramifications for most were quite simple, and if a bit selfish totally desirable. The early closure of the mikvah meant that most vans would have to leave their mivtzoim locations at about 1:30. And after mikvah there was ample opportunity for a pre shabbos snooze.
While the absurdity occured to many, ashamedly nobody acted, nobody except for Nosson.
His Friday mivtzoim started at about 10:15 AM, as he came bouncing down the front stairs of Yeshiva, his jacket characteristically perched on his shoulders as he extraordinarily managed to sing and smile at the same time.
While the time of departure to Mivtzoim was imperative to Nosson, imperative that it be immediate. The time of the vans' return was of no consequence. Nosson never used the early closure of the Mikvah as an excuse to take the van back from Mivtzoim.
Nosson would stay at the Mivtzoim location deep into Friday afternoon. He returned by the public bus whose fare he covered himself.
For Nosson it was one of thr perks of being in Eretz Yisroel, the streets, malls and stations were laden with countless gems waiting for Nosson to offer them the opportunity of putting on Teffilin.
As for the mikveh, Nosson became a patron of the mikvehs in the cities where he did his Friday mivtzoim.
While many were thrifty with their time, it was a living lesson to watch what Nosson did with his. An extended lunch break, as it is in Israeli yeshivas, was for many an afternoon siesta, for Nosson it was an opportunity for extended Tanya review along with limud harambam, always swaying intensely and intently in the same seat along the left side of Zal.
While we lugged Gemorrahs and notebooks up to shiur, Nosson accompanied his seforim with a Tanya, lest a few lines of Tanya go a begging as we waited for the maggid shiur.
And so it was that in the year 5767, Hashem placed a life giving spring, Nosson, on the Negev desert. He would bring a farbrengen to the boil and keep it there, as he sang "Nosan Hashem lochem leiv lodaas einayim liropis veoznayim lishmoia" accompanied with his one of a kind chest high clap.
And all these incredible traits and actions threaded with strands of simplicity and humility.

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  1. What strikes me about Nosson is that whether it was mivtzaim, learning, davening, inquiring about the welfare of others - he didn't merely "meet minimum requirements." He didn't do what he had to do "to be yotzei." When he did something, he was fully there. Very impressive.