This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


By Leibel Rodman

I'm not sure if this was mentioned yet but it struck me very hard yesterday. Last Shabbos I was by a Shliach who told the following story: A talmid of the Ariza"l had the custom to say Tikun Chatzos every night, including Shabbos and Yom Tov. When Lag B'omer came around, as usual he said Tikun Chatzos. That night Rashb"i appeared to him in a dream and said (not exact loshon), "meile on Shabbos and Yom Tov but on my Yom Hillula it is forbidden to mourn"!
How befitting is that to Nosson?! Sad wasn't in his vocabulary! I was thinking how much sense (kivayuchol) it makes that we will never say tachnun on Nosson's yartzeit! Or the fact that it is a day we all act like Nosson acted every day, singing, dancing and Mivtzoim! If there is anything we can say, which there for sure isn't, is that there isn't a doubt in anyone's mind what type of Shturem Nosson is making right now! Ad Mossai?!

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