This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Friday, June 25, 2010



notes and explanations on Tanya

“There was once a Chossid who lived in the city of Odessa. The Chossid traveled to his Rebbe and was received in Yechidus. The Rebbe asked him, “what’s happening in Odessa?” and the Chossid began to detail the wonderful spirit of unity that rested amongst the Chassidim there, their commitment to their regular study sessions and generally offered generous praise of their conduct. The Rebbe was very pleased with this news and enthusiastically bestowed on this Chossid special blessing.
Another Chossid who also dwelt in Odessa was also present. He – unlike his predecessor – decided to tell the Rebbe the whole truth… and indeed when the Rebbe interested himself in the affairs of Oddesa the Chossid told of the arguments and divisiveness, which were tearing at the Chassidic community, the lack of commitment to Divine service etc. It was apparent that the Rebbe was not enamored with the way he was speaking and the Rebbe blessed him somewhat coldly.
The Chossid didn’t understand, hadn’t he conducted himself in the best possible manner? Had he told anything less than the exact truth? Gathering all his courage, he asked, “Rebbe, my friend who entered previously did not answer truthfully, and yet the Rebbe treated him with warmth and encouragement. Why then does the Rebbe treat me, who told only the truth, with such disinterest and detachment?
Answered the Rebbe, “What is it that you fail to understand? What’s happening in Odessa I know myself, for that I have no need of anyone’s testimony. My question was not “what’s happening in Odessa”, but rather, “What’s happening with you?!”…”
This story was “a pearl in the mouth” of our friend Nosson Notte, and it would not be a mistake to say that this story clearly defines Nosson’s own personality.
For Nosson it didn’t make a difference where he was, amongst which friends he was with, or what kind of circumstances he happened to find himself – he always saw only the good aspects of the situation, the value and worth of each individual, that which was unique and special in the present moment or situation… essentially, he always found the good in everything. He is the one who is remembered by all of us, steadfast in his stance, like a live flame of fire, with that special enthusiasm that was unique to him – the one who set the tone and created an atmosphere.
The words of the Rebbe, “a Chossid macht a svivah” [“A chossid creates an atmosphere”] (“Hayom Yom” 30th Adar 1) defined his personality. For us, his friends and acquaintances, Nosson was the personification of the very concept of “liveliness”; the optimization of a Chossid and a Mekusher, who stands ready and prepared at all times; the one who could always be relied on to set the right tone in any situation.
It is not at all surprising that despite the full month that has passed since his absence from amongst us, we – his friends from all over the world – are not able to grasp our loss, it is only natural – for Nosson and the opposite of life, are essentially opposites…
Everyone knows that Nosson had an extra special enthusiasm for the study of Tanya, both in-depth study and the memorization and review of each word by-heart. More importantly, Nosson – by way of his unique personality – served as a living example of one who puts the Tanya’s teachings into practice, and most specifically in regard to the Tanya’s heart [the 32nd chapter, the Hebrew equivalent of 32 can be read as Lev, meaning heart] which teaches that “One shall love one’s fellow as yourself – each Jewish soul from the greatest to the least”.
In his short life Nosson invested every possible effort in an attempt to influence as many people as possible to learn and become fluent in Tanya, and especially to memorize Tanya by-heart. He merited that even after his soul ascended, hundreds and perhaps thousands of Yeshivah students throughout the world, were inspired in this regard, and thousands of pages of Tanya were committed to memory in his merit.
It is therefore only natural that we have chosen to honor his memory by publishing a collection of notes and explanations on Tanya, and we are certain that this will be a source of pleasure for his Neshomah.
We would like to take the opportunity to extend our blessings to the Deitsch Family, that from this day and on they should only hear of good and happy tidings, and they should only know of goodness and kindness forevermore.
May it be his will that we should immediately merit the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu “and those who lie in the dust will arise and rejoice” and Nosson will be amongst them, may it happen immediately.

The Shluchim of Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad, LA
19th of Sivan 5770 – thirty days since Nosson’s passing, and his birthday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"א חבר ביסטו"

א חבר ביסטו

TTTO: ניגון "יעלה תחנונו"

א חבר ביסטו, ביי אונז אזוי טייער

אונזער ליבשאפט צו דיר, איז דאך אין לשער

אז מען קען דיר נישט זען, גיט די הארץ א קרעכץ - "אוי וויי"

מען דארף טאן, ווי דו וואלטס, אין א מצב ווי דעם

מבצעים ביי דיר, אין דער פולען זין

ווי דער רבי וויל, צו יעדער איד

דער זשעבינער הארץ, מיט דעם ניגון געלעבט

באוויזען, ווער דו ביסט, אלץ מיט א ברען

נתן אוי נתן, דיין ליבשאפ צום איד

פונקט ווי א טאטע, מיט זיינער א קינד

ארום דיר איז יעדער, געווען, באקוועם

אזוי ווי א חבר, נאר מיט אים

נתן אוי נתן, טייער נתן - יו

מ' האט דיר גענומען, פון אונז אזוי יונג

אבער איין זאך איז זיכער, ס'איז נאר מיט דיין גוף

דיין שמייכל, לעבט נאך מיט אונז

מיט שקידה און התמדה האסט זוכה געווען

צום לימוד ג"ן פרקים, פון תניא בעל פה

א שטעמפל אויפן וועלט, האסטו געלאזט

דיין "זהיר בה טפי", אין דעם האסטו געקאכט

נתן אוי נתן, דיין ליבשאפ צום איד

פונקט ווי א טאטע, מיט זיינער א קינד

ארום דיר איז יעדער, געווען, באקוועם

אזוי ווי א חבר, נאר מיט אים

אבינו אב הרחמן, רחם עלינו

שיק שוין דער גואל, משיח צדקנו

והקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר

און נתן נטע וועט זיין בתוכם

נתן אוי נתן, טייער נתן - יו

מ' האט דיר גענומען, פון אונז אזוי יונג

אבער איין זאך איז זיכער, ס'איז נאר מיט דיין גוף

דיין שמייכל און הארץ, לעבט דאך ווייטער מיט אונז

Friday, June 11, 2010

The dream

By Anonymous

I had a dream. It was right after nosson died, perhaps a few days had gone by. We were still reeling, still letting the news sink in, still enduring the raw pain. I went on long walks, just to try to get away, to clear my head of all the strong emotions clamoring inside. I drank with my friends, to try to express my feelings, to try to escape the reality. I just needed a moment of peace, a moment to return to reality, a moment in time when everything comes in to focus, when I can be at peace. And I couldn't find it. We were all wandering, all distraught and torn, I just felt so frustrated. I wasn't living a normal life.
So one night, just a few days after Nosson passed away, I retired to bed, more as an escape from the harsh reality of life than from fatigue. When I woke up, I didn't really take note of my surroundings, but it felt as if I had just walked in on a chassidishe farbrengen. To my surprise, who is standing there but Nosson! I went over to him, and with a big smile, he turned to me and gave me a powerful hug, so strong that it hurt. "Nosson, I knew you didn't really go," I exclaimed. "We all thought you were gone, you had me scared!" Nosson just grinned, and told me something to the effect that of course he is back, just like normal. I was standing there, just feeling so good, being reunited with Nosson.
Well, as I told you earlier, it was only a dream. But it was a real dream, which means that I thought it was reality when it was happening, and more importantly, when I woke up in the morning, as I was lying in bed too lazy to start my day, I recalled my dream, and knew, I just knew, that it wasn't just my overactive imagination that had conjured up Nosson, but that Nosson is still with us, still loves us, and hasn't left us. And I was at peace, because Nosson had come to say hello. Make what you want of the story, but you won't be able to convince me out of my conclusion. Trust me, I am perfectly sane. Nosson, thanks for stopping by.

Memorized Tanya Baal Peh L"IN Nosson Deitsch

Bais Chana Tzfas Seminary took apon themselfs to memorize the entire Lekutei Amarim Tanya Baal Peh L"IN Nosson Deitsch. B"H, together, they have almost completed the Tanya. May we only hear of Simchas, and merit to have Mashiach speedily in our times.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nosson's Life

By Dani Chitrik

Nosson was a living example of a “Tanya Jew”, I therefore wish, to take you on a journey through the Tanya, to understand how to live the life of the “Tanya Jew”. Consequently we will understand Nosson’s wonderful invigorating way of life.

A crematorium operator at the Dachau holocaust camp preformed his job every day for 2 and half years. But one day he came home and shot himself. intriguingly it was not in remorse for his actions, as the note he left behind stated, on the day of his suicide, he arrived home from his job, and ostensibly a motorist ran over his poor little French poodle. Neighbors who witnessed the crime said that it was no accident. The driver purposely ran over the helpless dog! Shortly thereafter he wrote a note stating: that he could not continue to live in a world with such intensity of cruelty and insensitivity, and consequently he pulled the trigger!

Can humans comprehend the atrocities the Germans committed in WWII? No, it’s far from comprehension.

But this story could perhaps be analyzed and understood in a different light.

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist who founded the psychoanalytic method of psychiatry. Through his research he arrived at numerous unique theories, explaining the human psyche. Inquisitively Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the author of the chassdic masterpiece, “The Tanya”. Arrived at analogous theories regarding the nature of the human psyche. In both their thesis’s they explain the build of the human mind.

Freud proposed that the human psyche could be divided into three parts, the super-ego, id, and ego which together form a psyche apparatus, repeatedly working different ways to channel ones activity and mental life.

The Alter Rebbe, called attention to two similar personalities in every Jew, The animalistic soul, and the G-dly soul. Which together form the conflict raging battle between the heart and mind.

Strikingly Freud’s id is similar to the animal soul mentioned in the Tanya. The id is the source of all psychic energy, and comprises the unorganized part of the personality structure. It contains the basic drives. It is amoral and selfish, ruled by the “pleasure principale”, always seeking direct gratification. Immature in its emotional growth it is persistently driven by the ‘Pleasure Principle’. The Tanya calls this immoral, self indulging soul the animalistic soul, it perceives no moral reason for virtues deeds if it counters its lust for pleasure, its whole intrinsic makeup is based on the logic of an animal, “if it will be fill my physical lust, then it is good, if it will oppose my indulgence of the physical luxury, it is not good for me.

Freud’s superego, which is similar to the Tanya’s G-dly soul. Is vis-à-vis the id. The superego aims for aptness, moral standards, and is our sense of right and wrong. It works to curb all unacceptable urges of the id and struggles to make the person perform idealistic standards rather that upon realistic integrity.… It is the inner voice of ‘shoulds’ and ‘should not’s. In Tanya, the G-dly soul is the ethical mind, wishing only what is morally correct, it represents the desire to do G-ds will, striving to be connected to above. The G-dly soul wishes to cleave to the divine. It wants nothing of personal gratification; it wishes to carry out its soul’s mission, to complete the ethical plan its divine creator had in store for it.

What distinguishes the Tanya’s view on from Freud’s can be understood from a story:

A person once complained to the Rebbe about the nature of people.

“From my encounters I have noticed that people can seem nice and charming at the outset. They may express concern for you, show interest in your life, and even openly admit that they love you! But if one digs just a little deeper than the outer surface – some require more digging than others – at their core everyone is exactly the same: selfish, arrogant, and egotistic. Why is this the nature of mankind?"

The Rebbe responded with a parable:

"When one walks on the street, thing often look so elegant and appealing: tall flowery trees, fancy houses, paved roads and expensive cars. But if one takes a hoe and begins digging beneath the surface, he discovers dirt and mud; nothing like the beautiful but 'deceptive' world above ground."

At this point the person was nodding his head in agreement, not fully realizing where this was going.

"But if he weren't to give up," the Rebbe concluded, "and would continue digging deeper, he would eventually encounter precious minerals and diamonds."

I have heard the saying “Where Freud dug and found mud, the Tanya dug and found gold”, (I’m not sure of the source). Yes Freud found the human psyche to be a raging battle, but to him under the brawl between the superego and the id, there is a more powerful force called the unconscious mind. Freud called dreams the "royal road to the unconscious". He believed that underneath the conscious reality of a person, one truly is a glutton; a person is fraudulent and corrupt, wishing only to gratify his ‘Pleasure Principle’.
Yes Freud “Dug and found mud”.

The Tanya on the other hand, teaches that though there may be an animalistic soul which whishes to indulge itself as an epicure in physicality, mans essence is the G-dly soul, we are born with an innate desire to act ethically. “Dig and you will find gold”, intrinsically and unconditionally every Jew wishes to do good, and fulfill G-ds desire.

The operator at the Dachau camp emulated Freud’s train of thought, at the essence of his core, he was and saw evil, and not being able to handle it he committed suicide.

Tanya on the other hand teaches how we Jews are in control of our thoughts, actions, and feelings. And though we constantly have a choice, to act either from the G-dly soul or from the animal soul, but our true essence is the G-dly soul. Our identity in reality is divine!

This was Nosson, he lived the majestic life of the Tanya, from it he learnt how to change oneself, and to look at the core of every person, he didn’t look for the evil behind their mask; he saw the shining soul!

We had the privilege to spend many years with our paradigm “Tanya Jew”. Let’s learn from him and make it our priority to emulate him. Set aside time every day or week to study the Tanya. Don't learn it as an academic study; rather learn it as your life’s guide. It will change yourself and your family, and thereby change the world.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you!

By Yaakov

Thank you for putting up this site!

I too will always remember Nosson's electrifying smile. As Sholomo Hamelech says: "Tov Lev Mishteh Tomid." "To a good-hearted person, life is always a celebration!" That was Nosson.

I have shared many of the stories about Nosson Notta with my children and it has made such an impressionable impact on them. The stories have encouraged them to have more Ahavas Yisroel, and I can already see how the stories have refined their midos. Not to mention they have given the kids a chayus for learning and Yidishkeit in general.

Just last night before they went to sleep they asked, "Can you tell us a story of Nosson Notta?" as if they were asking for a Baal Shem Tov story!

Indeed, Nosson is a Baal Shem Tov in our time.

Changed My Life Forever

By Friend of Nosson

Nosson changed my life forever. I met Nosson through Rabbi Mendel Cunin, to study Tanya once or twice weekly. Over the months we became close friends. Every word of his, his joyous approach to life, his passion for Torah and mitzvas, among many other beautiful things, inspired and will always continue to inspire me to push myself to take on more mitvahs and strive to continue the path he made for so many of us.

Thank you Nosson, I am just one of so many who had the high honor of an experience with you.

Either seeing him, talking with him by phone, or merely exchanging phone and text messages with him had such a fundamental, foundational, inspirational, and lifelong impact on my life. And I'm sure there are so many more like me.

Childhood Memories

By Shimi Piekarski
From a letter sent to the family

An example of Nosson’s tremendous generosity and enthusiasm comes to mind; In fourth grade there was a campaign to learn Birchas Yaakov Baal Peh, a few kids in the class including Nosson did it. The day after we had finished Nosson walked into class with laminated certificates for all the participants. This is a perfect example of how Nosson always rejoiced in other people’s achievements. This certificate was something I never lost. Lately I pulled it out just to read those big bold letters “To: Shimon Piekarski From: Nosson Dietsch.”

In those days Nosson did a lot of Mishnayos Baal Peh (finishing most of Seder Moed). We would challenge each other to do more and more, as in everything Nosson always had that special chayus that paid off and put him in the lead. There was a major question who would come out in first place in the Mishnayes Baal Peh competition and it was a close contest between me and Nosson. One day I would come to school having learnt one Perek by heart the night before, and the next day Nosson came back with two! This went on for a while, in the end I won, but what touched me was that Nosson was the one who made sure to keep a copy of the newsletter announcing the winners. Throughout the years he would pull it out and show it to me, proud of our competition. This is another example of the way he celebrated his friends achievements with a tremendous joy, even in a case such as this where I won at his expense!

I had been in cheder in Ohlei Torah till fifth grade together with Nosson. After that there were four years during which I learnt in a different school. When I came back, I had sort of been separated from my Ohlie Torah class, I didn’t really feel like part of the class anymore. Then one day I remember I was walking down the street – I was on Crown and Kingston – and suddenly I meet Nosson. He greeted me with this huge ear to ear smile, with such a bright Varemkeit, as if I had never left the class. His words are etched in my memory, “Vos machstu Shimon Shalom!

I remember today how as a young child these simple words made such a strong impression on me. I was extremely touched that not only did he call me by my name but he even remembered and used my second name, which I am not usually called by. There was this warm feeling of comradeship that he gave me at that moment, making me feel part of everything. We had a long conversation and afterwards I remember walking home feeling so close and completely welcomed by my old friends. It’s amazing what Nosson, as a single individual was able to achieve – I didn’t just feel like I was his friend, I felt that I had been accepted by the entire class. Nosson took the Mamar Chazal “mekabel es kol odom b’sever panim yafos” to a whole new level. Throughout all the years, whoever he met, it was always with a great welcoming smile, always making others feel comfortable. Nosson’s smile will never leave us.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"A Ray Of Sunshine"

From a speech delivered by Jack - a store owner who Nosson visited every Friday on Mivtzoim during his year in Los Angeles - at a gathering in honor of Nosson’s Shloshim in Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad. We would like to thank Jack for coming to inspire us and comfort us with his memories of Nosson.

I own a trophy and award store in Northridge, California. Fridays are always very busy day for us and we sometimes lose sight of where we’re at – how our feet are really firmly planted on the ground… and the realization came whenever Nosson would come in and we would spend a half hour learning about and understanding what life was really really about. He was in essence my sunshine for many many weeks and years. We had a very very good relationship and – knowing him – I can unequivocally say that I became a better Jew just by being close to him.

Ironically, for the last couple of months I had been trying to get hold of him, and as well as I knew him, I never knew his last name. So I asked Rabbi Rivkin, “you know this fellow who would come by, and we would learn, and we would laugh, and we would drink” – I still have a bottle of Smirnoff that’s half filled that we would have L’chaims with…

Ironically I asked Rabbi Rivkin, “My son, G-d willing, is getting married in August and I very much want my friend Nosson to be there…” because my son is getting married in Miami and we’re spending Shabbat there at the Chabad house, and I knew that Nosson was the Mashgiach there.

Oddly enough on Lag Be’Omer some Chabad boy’s came over to my homage to my mother-in-law who had passed away, so I asked “where is this young man?” Later I learned tragically that he had died just a half an hour before I had asked where he was.
He was really a ray of sunshine…

I remember one time, when I had a friend that came in that was not religious at all, and Nosson of course would ask every Jewish person that came in, “Have you ever put on Tefillin?” or “Did you put on Teffilin today?” and the man said, “I’ve only ever put on Teffilin once in my life.” So Nosson says “Well, we’ve got to put on Tefillin…” and the gentleman looks at me, and I said “You’ve got to listen to the Rabbi! This kid’s a Rabbi, you’ve got to listen to him!”

So Nosson gets the Teffilin on him and we’ve got these two young men there with beards and black hats, and just then a lady comes in and she says, “Well I’ll come in tomorrow to pick up my trophy.”

I say, “I’m sorry we’re not open tomorrow, its Saturday.”

“Why?” she asks “are you Jewish?”

I say “No, we’re Seventh Day Adventists!”

I mean here’s a kid with Teffilin on and we have Chabad Rabbi’s here… …and Nosson just cracks up!

So I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, but it’s pretty obvious that we’re not Hindus here, young lady…”

There was always laughter with Nosson around. Even though he was a red-sox fan, which was probably – unfortunately – his biggest fault, we very much enjoyed our relationship.

I look at a person like Nosson and I think to myself, “This boy has accumulated, in the short twenty years of his life, more wise words, more words of Torah and more words of Thought, than I would probably accumulate in two or three hundred years…"

It was an honor knowing him…

Ironically, my son is getting married in two months from now and we’re staying at the Chabad House where – I believe – Nosson would have been… I just wish he would be there and I am sure that he will be there.

Thank you.

LA: Shloshim Gathering – Kovetz He’ores on Tanya published in honor of Nosson

On Tuesday night, the Shluchim of Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad, Los Angeles hosted a “Shloshim Gathering & Farbrengen” and published a special Kovetz in honor of HaTomim Nosson Notte Deitsch A”H. Nosson served as a Shliach in the Yeshivah – as part of the current Kvutzah – last year. The 19th of Sivan, the day of the Shloishim, would also have been Nosson’s 22nd birthday.

The Kovetz was dedicated entirely to notes and explanations on Tanya. Nosson’s special enthusiasm for Tanya was well known, and was recently described by a close friend in a letter to the family: “Many people do great things but there aren’t many people who you can think about and point out a specific Inyen which literally defines their life. But when I think about Nosson, right away I think, Tanya Bal Peh. This is something which stands out, something which he lived with not only for a short period of his life but throughout all his years. This is not just something which was noticed by a specific individual, by some friends or family, but by everyone who knew him. Nosson koched in Tanya Baal Peh with such an Emes that it was clear that this wasn’t just something which he did, it was something that he not only lived himself, but also tried to impress on others.”

In the light of Nosson’s dedication to Tanya, all his friends agreed that the best way to honor his memory would be through projects associated with Tanya specifically. As was previously reported on collive, the Vaad Talmidei HaTemimim ran a special Mivtzeh Tanya Baal Peh in Nosson’s honor, and now we are pleased to present the “Kovetz Zichroin Nosson Notte”, in which Mashpi’im and Magidei Shuir from various Yeshives have participated.

To download the Kovetz click here.

Amongst the Mashpi’im, friends and family members who addressed the crowd were Nosson’s brother Rabbi Mendy Deitsch (who flew in specially for the event), Rabbi Mendy Shapiro Mashpia in the Yeshivah, and Jack, one of the people Nosson used to visit on Mivtzoim every Friday during his time in LA. The various speakers spoke about Nosson’s special, always upbeat and enthusiastic attitude, his tremendous Ahavas Yisroel, his Hasmodeh in learning, his dedication and desire to give Nachas Ruach to the Rebbe, and the need for us all to learn from him – “veha’chai yitein el liboi”.

The event was attended by many Shluchim and Anash from around LA, by Mekurovim who’s lives were, by their own testimony “heavily impacted by Nosson’s inspiration”, as well as by the many bocherim who learnt with Nosson throughout the years and benefited from his influence as a Shliach in the Yeshivah. After the official program finished, almost everyone present remained to Farbreng late into the night, and the haunting strains of “Zhebiner Hartz” – Nosson’s favorite Nigun, continued to be heard until well after dawn.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tanya Baal Peh in Sydney, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that in honour of Nosson, our Cheder had a goal to learn 360 lines of Tanya Baal Peh by his Shloshim (which in Australia, was today). B'h, the girls put in a lot of effort and we reached 413 lines! We never knew him. But his actions inspired us to learn more and to do more! May his Neshama have an Aliyah and may we be Zoche to the coming of Moshiach now!!

Raizel Feldman
Extra Curricular- Yeshiva Girls Cheder, Sydney


By Anonymous

It’s been more then 31 days since you left us.

I'm standing here felling chilly, a soft wind is floating against my back, and the air is whistling its silent melody. Your face constantly flashes before me; my eyes - too numb too cry - constantly blink. My vision of your transient smile makes me feel close to you. My brain cells twitch in agony thinking about what was supposed to be, what could have been, but my conscious rational reminds me “what is”.
Are we supposed to answer why? Could we answer why?
Are we supposed to continue as if nothing peculiar occurred? Could we continue as if nothing peculiar occurred?

I remember telling you "silence is bliss", to which you responded "דאגה בלב־איש ישחנה", (Anxiety in a man's heart weighs it down, But a good word makes it glad.). so I will let my fingers rattle at the Keyboard, and ill tell you my thoughts.

I know what you want, “Chazak Veamats”, you want us to charge! Take over and roll, make it happen, hold faith and keep out heads high, Learning, Davening, Mivztoyim etc…,

But please listen to this story:

Shortly after the passing of the Friediker Rebbe, the Rebbe held a Farbreingen. Opening the Farbreingenthe Rebbe related that:

The Friedilker rebbe once told over at a Farbreingen: Before R' Levi Yitzchik from Bardichev, passed away, he said to his students "There were numerous Tzadikim who promised before they passed on, that they would not enter heaven, before Moshiach comes. (Thereby causing a commotion in heaven, hence G-D would have to send Moshiach”). But when they fed them a little “heavenly sugar” (spirituality), they could not hold themselves back, and they entered Gan Eden. But said R’ Levi Yitzchok, they won’t fool me”.

The Friediker Rebbe then said that, when R’ Levi Yitzchok arrived in heaven, they said “Kiddusha”, and R’ Levi Yitzchok as well jumped into heaven.

The Rebbe thus concluded:
“Since the freddiker rebbe knew this story and told it over, he obliviously will not be fooled”!

After 3 tammuz we constantly think about the Rebbe and this story!

Nosson I know you can and will do it!

Yes we promise to do all we can, but on your part, help us do it together. Let’s bring Moshiach, with our “Kochos” down here, and your "Kochos" above.

We miss you
We love you
We need you!

Moshiach now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remember Nosson Lubavitch of Montgomery County

Memories from Staten Island

By Shimi Piekarski

In Staten Island there was a seder to learn Gemorah Ligersah and get tested three blat at a time, when we came to the end of (I think) Perek Hamekebel in Boveh Metziah he was challenged to learn around fifteen blatt. He was promised a set of seforim if he would be able to Chazer the whole Perek – shakleh vetaryeh – straight. Nosson jumped at the challenge and he poshet spent hours horruving away. Thursday nights he would sit and chazer late into the night with unwavering concentration. There was no way to shake or distract him from his tremendous Ibergegbenkeit and Hasmodeh. Nosson was an unstoppable force, once he decided to do something he did it all the way and didn’t give up. His efforts paid off and from his example many bochurim joined in, to the extent that a whole new tenuah was started and a lot of bochurim ended up learning eight perokim of Boveh Metezia Baal Peh.

This whole Koch was Nisoirer through Nosson’s example alone, he was the hartz and the fire of the whole yeshivah. He turned the whole Yeshivah around, he would sit in his place with a tremendous Shtarkeit and would not let anyone disturb him, no Devorim Beteilim, no nothing! Even though he didn’t have the quickest and sharpest head, his Yegieh paid off and he amassed a wide spectrum of Yedies, beyond that of an average bochur – Nosson’s knowledge didn’t come easily but through sweat and toil. He exemplified Shkidah Ve’hasmodah, which was his central focus and was placed before all other inyonim, but also in anything else he displayed the same strength and will power, everything he did was permeated with rare enthusiasm and effort. When he learnt you could see how he would fight to keep focused, and wave away any distractions. Whatever he did, he poshut fought to move forward despite the difficulties that he often faced.

His Hasmodeh in those days was poshut unbelievable, I clearly remember how he would run down to the dining room to eat very quickly and then rush back up, wasting almost no time. Chaim Lerman reminded me of how Nosson used to make two coffees every morning, he would drink one before he began learning Tanya Baal Peh in the morning and the other he would leave on the side to be drunk before Seder Chassidus began – by which time it was obviously cold. Chaim asked him why he doesn’t just make one and then make a second one before Chassidus, to which Nosson answered that he didn’t want to take the time to make another trip downstairs and would rather drink cold coffee than waste a few precious moments of learning!

Every three weeks in Staten Island we would get a Shabbos off. Most of the yeshivah would generally go home on Thursday night, but at a certain point Nosson decided that instead of going home we should sit and learn a whole night, go on Mivtzoim in the morning, and only then go home for Shabbos. Nosson started this with only a couple of bochurim and eventually it turned into a big group of bochurim who would sit and learn for hours into the night all because of Nosson’s inspiration. This turned out to be one of the greatest successes of that year.

We were Chavrusahs in Shiur Beis and half of Shiur Gimel, I cannot forget how Nosson would be there right at the beginning of Seder and started learning with a tremendous Chayus, he didn’t let us start learning new material until we had first Chazered yesterday’s material. I remember that there were times in the day that I was not in the mood of learning, or I had too much material to Chazer and I was getting lazy, and I would look across zal, where Nosson sat and learnt without the slightest interruption – for hours straight he would shokel over a sefer – and that would inspire me to emulate him. Nosson’s example gave us a great amount of chayus and hasmodah, injecting a tremendous life into to the whole yeshiva. When I think about it, I realize that every major Inyen which happened while we were in Staten Island, started from Nosson – like I said before he was the hartz and the fire which got the whole yeshivah going.