This blog is dedicated to our dear friend, Nosson Deitsch OBM, who was tragically torn away from us on Lag B’Omer 5770.

Nosson was a one-of-a kind Bochur who influenced many people, from all ages and backgrounds. He had a perpetual smile on his face and an extremely generous heart. He would do the biggest favor for a friend with only a moment’s notice. All those who knew him feel they had a unique relationship with him.

There are many untold stories of his selflessness, kindness, and the affect he had on countless lives. Please share your story, so that others can get a glimpse into his unique character and towering accomplishments.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memories from Staten Island

By Shimi Piekarski

In Staten Island there was a seder to learn Gemorah Ligersah and get tested three blat at a time, when we came to the end of (I think) Perek Hamekebel in Boveh Metziah he was challenged to learn around fifteen blatt. He was promised a set of seforim if he would be able to Chazer the whole Perek – shakleh vetaryeh – straight. Nosson jumped at the challenge and he poshet spent hours horruving away. Thursday nights he would sit and chazer late into the night with unwavering concentration. There was no way to shake or distract him from his tremendous Ibergegbenkeit and Hasmodeh. Nosson was an unstoppable force, once he decided to do something he did it all the way and didn’t give up. His efforts paid off and from his example many bochurim joined in, to the extent that a whole new tenuah was started and a lot of bochurim ended up learning eight perokim of Boveh Metezia Baal Peh.

This whole Koch was Nisoirer through Nosson’s example alone, he was the hartz and the fire of the whole yeshivah. He turned the whole Yeshivah around, he would sit in his place with a tremendous Shtarkeit and would not let anyone disturb him, no Devorim Beteilim, no nothing! Even though he didn’t have the quickest and sharpest head, his Yegieh paid off and he amassed a wide spectrum of Yedies, beyond that of an average bochur – Nosson’s knowledge didn’t come easily but through sweat and toil. He exemplified Shkidah Ve’hasmodah, which was his central focus and was placed before all other inyonim, but also in anything else he displayed the same strength and will power, everything he did was permeated with rare enthusiasm and effort. When he learnt you could see how he would fight to keep focused, and wave away any distractions. Whatever he did, he poshut fought to move forward despite the difficulties that he often faced.

His Hasmodeh in those days was poshut unbelievable, I clearly remember how he would run down to the dining room to eat very quickly and then rush back up, wasting almost no time. Chaim Lerman reminded me of how Nosson used to make two coffees every morning, he would drink one before he began learning Tanya Baal Peh in the morning and the other he would leave on the side to be drunk before Seder Chassidus began – by which time it was obviously cold. Chaim asked him why he doesn’t just make one and then make a second one before Chassidus, to which Nosson answered that he didn’t want to take the time to make another trip downstairs and would rather drink cold coffee than waste a few precious moments of learning!

Every three weeks in Staten Island we would get a Shabbos off. Most of the yeshivah would generally go home on Thursday night, but at a certain point Nosson decided that instead of going home we should sit and learn a whole night, go on Mivtzoim in the morning, and only then go home for Shabbos. Nosson started this with only a couple of bochurim and eventually it turned into a big group of bochurim who would sit and learn for hours into the night all because of Nosson’s inspiration. This turned out to be one of the greatest successes of that year.

We were Chavrusahs in Shiur Beis and half of Shiur Gimel, I cannot forget how Nosson would be there right at the beginning of Seder and started learning with a tremendous Chayus, he didn’t let us start learning new material until we had first Chazered yesterday’s material. I remember that there were times in the day that I was not in the mood of learning, or I had too much material to Chazer and I was getting lazy, and I would look across zal, where Nosson sat and learnt without the slightest interruption – for hours straight he would shokel over a sefer – and that would inspire me to emulate him. Nosson’s example gave us a great amount of chayus and hasmodah, injecting a tremendous life into to the whole yeshiva. When I think about it, I realize that every major Inyen which happened while we were in Staten Island, started from Nosson – like I said before he was the hartz and the fire which got the whole yeshivah going.

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